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Ask any Canadian online casino player what their favourite game is and they'll instantly give you a one-word reply - "Slots"! And it's no wonder - because with their sights, sounds and promise of instant real money winnings, online slots are one of the biggest crowd-pleasers!

What makes online Slots casinos such a favourite in Internet gambling? Their simplicity of course! Even if you've never played at a casino online before, you'll be able to sit down and play right away just by pressing the Bet button. There's no intricate strategy or top level skill set needed - just press the button and let the reels do the rest! In fact, you can make those Online Slots start spinning right away - take a look at the Canadian online casinos our experts have recommended and start playing for that life-changing jackpot win today!

Online Slots vs. Land-Based Slots

Land Based vs Online Slots

Since their invention in the 1800s, Slots have been a draw card for novice and professional players alike, with the promise of a massive jackpot only a spin away. Now that Slots have moved to an online casino environment, they're just as popular as they ever were - perhaps even more so, thanks to a few digital advantages. Ever tried to play real money Slots at a land-based casino during peak times? You'll be lucky to find a seat, let alone play. At an Internet casino however, you'll always have an empty seat waiting for you, so you can play any real cash online Slot, any time of day - no queuing needed!

What's more, thanks to their popularity, software providers like Microgaming and Playtech are constantly adding new online Slots to their games offerings in order to attract new players to their casinos - and that's where the players win! The more choice there is, the more fun you'll have when you play, and the more chance you'll have of winning.

And speaking of winning opportunities, online casino Slots provide them and then some, with a higher payout percentage than any of their offline counterparts. All of which goes to prove that if you're looking for high-octane excitement and massive jackpot winnings, you'll find them at your nearest Canadian online slots casino!

When you do logon to play, you'll have the opportunity to choose from literally hundreds of real money online Slots games. The vast array of games can be a little confusing to first-time players, but will become easier to get to grips with the more you practice and play. Generally speaking, casino online Slots fall into one of four larger categories:

1. Classic Online Slots

Everyone's familiar with these - just press the button and if you get a winning combination on a payline, you'll be rolling in real money winnings! These classic online Slots are the closest to the original land-based Slots, and provide hours of fun for keen players. Available in both 3-reel and 5-reel varieties, classic Slots are generally the first choice for new online casino Slots players due to their simplicity and ease of play.

2. Online Video Slots

Everything's bigger and better with online Video Slots - the sights, the sounds and the winnings too! Online Video Slots are some of the most popular among Internet casino players, thanks to their cutting-edge graphics, top quality animation and huge winning potential. With more combinations and paylines available, and bonus features that could multiply your winnings exponentially, online Video Slots are ideal for more seasoned gamblers looking for bigger jackpots.

3. Online Megaspin Slots

Multi-taskers, this one's for you! Online Megaspin Slots allow you to play more than one Slot at the same time - which means more than one jackpot to hit too! Thanks to their multiple reels that work the same way as classic Slots online, you can play multiple games at once, giving you even more winning opportunities.

4. Online Progressive Slots

Progressive Jackpot Slots

These are the ones that every online Slots casino player wants to hit - the Progressive Jackpot which could total in the millions! Take one of these home and you'll be set for life. Progressive Jackpots work slightly differently to regular online Slots - here, every time a Canadian player in any online casino around the world places a bet on one of the Progressive Slots, the jackpot will increase incrementally. So you're playing for that same jackpot against thousands of other players round the world - and the more you all play, the bigger the jackpot gets! There have been hundreds of success stories of players who've walked away with jackpots in the millions - make sure you're the next big winner and hit that Bet button today!

As you can see, there are so many ways to win real cash with casino online Slots, and so many places to play them. Luckily, our experts have narrowed your options down to the online casinos most welcoming to Canadians, and most likely to provide you with the thrilling casino online experience you're looking for. Take a look at our reviews for help on deciding where to play, and spin those jackpot reels for what could be a massive million-dollar win!