Best Online Casino Ukash Sites

Ukash Logo Ukash online casino payments are completely safe, totally convenient and easy to use as well. You’re in good company too as this pre-paid funding method is used by millions of customers around the world, both online and in real life too.

Launched in 2005 and based in the UK, Ukash is one of the world's leading online payment processors, allowing you to pay, play, and more, in a way that's thoroughly secure. Simply exchange your cash for a pre-paid voucher, and use your unique voucher number to transact with online. It's a payment method that's accepted in 33 countries and by thousands of stores worldwide, and is set to revolutionize the way you bank online. We've already found the top Canadian online casinos that accept Ukash as a form of legitimate payment - now all you need to do is purchase a voucher, and start filling your Internet gambling account with real money!

Purchasing a Ukash Voucher

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Depending on where you live, you can purchase an onling casino Ukash voucher either online, or at a retail store, with your debit card, credit card or cash. Should you purchase your voucher online, you can use your Ukash voucher as you would any other e-wallet. You will also have the option of merging your Ukash voucher with a previously purchased one, dividing your voucher into smaller amounts, or even converting it into a different currency.

To purchase your Ukash voucher online, simply visit, and open a free account. You'll then be able to purchase and manage your vouchers, and use them instantly at your online casino, without ever having to leave home.

Should you wish to purchase an Ukash voucher from a retail store however, you'll be able to do so at a number of locations. Just visit the Ukash website to find the closest retailer to you, and you'll be able to buy your voucher from a gas station, grocery store, chain store or any of a number of convenient locations. Bear in mind though that should you lose your voucher, you won't be able to use it at your casino online, or any other location. Treat your Ukash voucher as actual cash, and look after it until you decide to use it for your Ukash online casino deposits.

Funding your Online Ukash Casino Account

Depositing at online Ukash casino sites works much the same way as any other e-wallet deposit option. Simply visit the online casino cashier or bank within your casino software, and select Ukash as your preferred payment method. Then enter the unique 19-digit number that appears on your voucher. Once you've done so, you can either choose to use the full amount loaded onto your voucher, or just a portion of it. If you choose to only use a portion, you'll then receive another 'change' voucher that you can use for future Ukash online casino transactions. After selecting an amount to transfer into your account, your funds will reflect instantly, and you'll enjoy the benefit of 0% processing fees!

When it comes to withdrawing your funds, however, you may need to select an alternative payment method. Some online casinos accepting Ukash cannot process withdrawals as you have no ewallet account for your funds to be transferred into. Your voucher is simply a means of adding funds to your casino online account, not having them transferred back. However, Ukash does have a secondary product, known as Ukash Payout that some online casinos are using in order to transfer winnings back to players. Your best bet is to check if your particular online Ukash casino will process withdrawals, and if not, find an alternative withdrawal solution that works for you.

The Benefits of Using Ukash

The biggest benefit to using Ukash is its anonymity. As a third party processor it will not release any personal or banking details to your Ukash casino, thereby eliminating the risk of theft or identity fraud. Purchasing your voucher with your credit or debit card puts a barrier between you and your online casino - one that cannot be breached by illegal activity. It's peace of mind at its best!

Another benefit is its convenience. If you aren't able to make an online bank transfer, or don't have a credit or a debit card for online purchases, you'll still be able to transact with your voucher safely and easily.

Ukash vouchers are used all over the world for a wide range of online purchases - and as more and more Canadians are finding out, they're ideal for online casino transactions too. Buy your Ukash voucher online or from your nearest retailer today, and find out just how easy it is to transfer real money into your account at our top recommended online Ukash casinos!