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There are online casino games and then there's baccarat - the high stakes game that's the province of the rich and famous, and an attraction for high rollers the world over. Real money baccarat is synonymous with wealth and five-star casinos. Now it has brought its VIP status within reach of everyone with online casino baccarat.

If you want to feel like an online casino baccarat player, betting real cash against the odds and coming out with incredible winnings, there's no better game to play than baccarat. The rules are simple but the potential rewards are immense, which is why it's been the game of choice for the upper class, Canadian or otherwise, since the first card was dealt. And now the game of baccarat is available to any player looking for a taste of high class gaming in online casinos. Our selection of recommended casinos online will deliver just that - choose your favorite and get ready to enjoy VIP baccarat casino play like never before!

How to Play Online Casino Baccarat

For a casino game so steeped in heritage and five-star reputation, baccarat is a relatively simple game to learn and play. In fact, this could be the reason for its enduring popularity amongst Canadian casino players. In the most basic terms, baccarat is a game with three simple betting options - Banker, Player or Tie. Once your betting decision has been made, all you need to do is sit back and let the game play out in front of you - no complicated strategizing or calculated game play is required in this casino online game. In fact, the only mental gymnastics you may be required to do is to count up all your real money winnings!

To play Canadian online casino Baccarat for real money, you simply need to choose one of the three bets available, as mentioned - Banker, Player or Tie (it is important to note that Banker and Player are not actual people, but simply the names of betting options). Once you have made your selection, two cards will each be dealt to the Player and the Banker positions. It is the value of the cards that is important. In baccarat casino online gaming, Aces are worth 1, 10s and picture cards are worth 0, and all other cards are worth their face value. The winning hand is the one that is closest or equal to 9. Should you have placed a bet on a hand totaling 9, you'll win the cash, and the glory!

Online Baccarat - Many Forms, Same Winning Excitement

Forms of Betting

Over the years, the game of baccarat has evolved into many variations, with unique betting options being offered in In-Running Baccarat, Pairs or Lucky Pairs and Dragon Bonus. If you're looking for huge real money jackpot winnings, you'll be able to find them in Progressive Baccarat, where you'll be playing against other gaming enthusiasts around the world for the huge jackpot steadily growing bigger and bigger. And if you're looking for a new flavor of online casino baccarat, Super 6 or Premium Baccarat may be just the differences you're after.

Of course, there's no need to do all the grunt work of trying out and testing Canadian-friendly online casinos for yourself - because our experts have already been there and done that. They've had a look at the best online casinos for players in Canada, and the best places to play and win at Internet Baccarat. All you have to do is browse our reviews, find the online casino that suits your playing style back, then sit back and get ready to rake in the big-time Baccarat cash winnings!