Using Paysafecard at Canadian Online Casinos

Paysafecard Logo Online casino payment methods have been evolving over the last decade and the amount of choices available for customers is staggering. A new addition to this list is Paysafecard, making online payments easier than ever before. You're probably familiar with some of the more known payment methods such as; Visa, Mastercard and PayPal. But, Paysafecard will soon become one of the most popular payment methods in Canada.

In today's market, Paysafecard is the worldwide market leader in prepaid online payment methods. A big reason for this is that the payment method is completely unique in comparison with its competitors. The big appeal for customers is that the Paysafecard doesn't require any bank or credit card details when carrying out a transaction. You don't have to worry about your personal information circling the virtual world, which is an extremely comforting thought whilst gambling online. If Paysafecard is a payment method that you want to use, we've provided additional information regarding this option.

Depositing with Paysafecard

As the market leader in prepaid payment methods, this means that using Paysafecard doesn't require any funds to be deposited online. The process itself involves a customer purchasing a paysafecard from a local retail store in any of the following amounts: 10, 30, 50, 100, 150 or 250 CAD. Once you've purchased your paysafecard you will then be able to use the value of that card at online casino sites. However, make sure the casino site you have chosen to play on accepts Paysafecard as a payment method. If it does, which majority of online casino sites do, all you need to do is select your payment method of choice at the casino banking page, enter the amount you want to deposit and enter the 16-digit PIN that came with your Paysafecard to complete the transaction.

Once you've entered the applicable information, your deposit will be processed within seconds and you'll be able to access the casino games and start playing for real money! As you can see, this is just as effective as any other payment method and doesn't need your personal information to carry out transactions.

Why Choose Paysafecard for Online Casino Transactions?

Paysafecard is rapidly growing in popularity and the following reasons will show why:

  • Safe and Secure. If you've ever had doubts about revealing your personal information online, then Paysafecard is the perfect option for you. The payment method doesn't require any personal or banking information whilst carrying out a transaction, keeping you safe from identity theft. Additionally, purchasing the Paysafecard at a set value protects you from illegal transactions as the card wouldn't have any money on it after your first transaction.
  • Affordability. Paysafecard offer a wide variety of price ranges, giving all types of customers an opportunity to purchase a card for online use. Whether you have money to burn or can only afford a small amount for online gambling, all options are available for you.
  • Easy to use. With the amount of payment methods available for customers that require a vast amount of information, such as: Account number, security code, card expiry date and cardholders name, Paysafecard is extremely easy to use. Entering a 16-digit PIN that is given to you upon purchasing is all you need to do to carry out a transaction.

Despite there being a number of positives about using this payment method, there will always be a few negatives. The main one being that a Paysafecard can only be purchased at retail stores, which can be an accessibility issue for some customers. Also, they cannot be used to carry out withdrawals, therefore a different method for those transactions would have to be used.

However, putting those negative points aside, Paysafecard is a payment method that is extremely reliable, safe and efficient when it comes to online deposit transactions. So, explore to find out which online casino sites accept this payment method and start putting your money to good use.