Using Credit Cards at Canadian Online Casinos

Credit Cards

Looking for a safe and easy way to make transactions at your online casino of choice? While some people believe that online casino purchases are complicated or time-consuming, credit cards are in fact one of the simplest and quickest payment methods accepted, helping to make your life easier and your gambling banking seamless.

Ever since credit cards were introduced in the 1950s as a means of purchase, these small plastic cards have been one of the world's preferred payment mechanisms due to their convenience and simplicity - and the same is true of online casinos. Not just any online casinos in fact, but Canadian online casinos as well. While Canadian online casino players do have a number of payment options to choose from, credit cards are amongst the top banking options preferred by Canuck players. We've found a selection of the best online casino sites for you to choose from - take a look and enjoy safe and easy online purchasing today!

Depositing with Credit Cards

If you're unsure as to how to go about making online deposits with your credit card, don't be. The process of making a deposit at an online casino is exactly the same as making any other online purchase. Simply go to the casino cashier or bank, enter the relevant credit card information as well as the amount you wish to deposit, and wait to see if your transaction is approved. The amount you will be allowed to deposit depends on your credit limit, and the minimum and maximum deposit amounts set by your online casino. Should your transaction be approved, your funds will instantly be credited to your casino account, and you can play and win with ease!

While making online casino deposits is easy, you may find the withdrawal process a little different. While some credit card companies will readily process withdrawals back to your credit card, some will not, and you'll need to do your homework to find out which Internet casinos that accept credit cards you can use for withdrawals. Our reviews will help with this, and give you the information you need on receiving your real money online casino winnings via credit card.

Credit Card Fees at Online Casinos

Credit Cards Online

The fees applicable to online casino credit card transactions can differ between providers and casinos. Some Internet gambling sites will charge you a nominal fee for making credit card deposits and withdrawals, while some credit card companies will charge you a fee for processing these transactions. In order to find out if any fees will apply to you, and what these fees are, it is best to check with your individual casino online and financial institution.

Online Casino Credit Cards Safety

Many Canadian players use third party transfer options, such as NETeller or Skrill, to facilitate their online casino transactions, believing that because their personal information is secured by an external service provider rather than the casino itself, that it is inherently safer. This is an unfounded fear however - because provided that your online casino is a licensed and reputable one, it should be every bit as safe as other online banking methods due to the strict encryption technology used by all regulated online casinos. Playing at a well-known and trustworthy online gambling site means that your banking information is kept private and confidential at all times, and this same level of safety applies to your credit card information too.

What's more, as an extra level of security, some credit card casinos online may also request certain documentation from you before allowing you to make your first deposit. This documentation could include a copy of the credit card you intend to use, as well as a copy of your ID. Once the online casino has received this information and approved you for purchases, you will be able to transact with ease.

Applying for a Credit Card

If you'd like to use a credit card to make deposits and withdrawals at your online casino, the application process is simple. All you'll need to do is apply for one directly from your financial institution, and once your credit rating and certain personal details have been verified and approved, your application should be successful, and you will receive your card.

Remember that during the application process, the provider will look at your credit history and income, as well as other personal and financial details in order to determine the value of the line of credit they will be extending you. Having all your details and your credit history in order before you apply will help you to be approved for a line of credit appropriate for your lifestyle. Always make sure to check how much credit has been extended to you before you start depositing at your online casino, to ensure that you don't go over your pre-approved limit.

Want to start making online casino deposits with your credit card? Take a look at our reviews first! We've done all the research on the best online casino sites that will accept both your Canadian dollars and your credit card, so that you don't run the risk of being declined. Browse our findings, choose the Internet casino that suits your game play and your credit card, and look forward to quick and easy transactions and huge winning opportunities!