Finding The Best Online Casino Payment Options

Deposit Options

Looking to deposit some funds or withdraw some winnings at your online casino? Then you'll need to choose a casino payment option to help you make transactions to and from your online gambling site account. Luckily as a Canadian online casino player, you'll find a range of safe, secure payment options to help you do just that, all within a strictly controlled environment.

Conservative US laws have worked to keep some online casino groups out of North American entirely, meaning that Canadian players have been excluded from some payment options along with their American neighbours. However, just by doing a bit of homework you'll be able to find a range of Canadian online casino payment options to help you make quick and easy online transactions. Simply read our experts' in-depth reviews and take a look at which casinos make life the easiest for you and your Canadian dollars.

Top Canadian Deposit Options

When choosing a deposit option, it's important to look at the ease with which you can make a deposit, the speed with which the deposit will be processed, and how secure an environment the service provider has created. Once you become familiar with the pros and cons of each of the Canadian online deposit options available to you, you'll be able to make an informed decision about which one to choose - credit card, debit card, e-wallet, pre-paid card or more.

We've put together an overview of each of the deposit options available to help make your choices a little clearer:

Credit Cards Option Credit card: This is a popular choice for many online casino players due to its convenience. Simply enter your card information at the casino and funds will be transferred into your account - a similar process to any online transaction. Bear in mind that while Visa accepts both online casino deposits and withdrawals, MasterCard will only process online casino deposits at this time.

Debit card: Visa and MasterCard-branded cards are accepted by most online casinos, making this another popular payment option choice for Canadian players. There are many online casinos that will accept a range of debit cards for deposit purposes, so transacting is typically easy and safe.

E-Wallet Option E-wallets: Many players prefer the option of an e-wallet, as it allows you to transact with the casino without revealing any of your banking information. Simply transfer money into your e-wallet via credit card, your bank account or a third party transfer, and your e-wallet will link directly to the casino in order for you to deposit or withdraw. Canadian e-wallets of choice include Skrill and NETeller, both chosen for their easy sign-up and low fees.

Pre-paid cards: These cards function the same way as credit cards and provide an easy, convenient alternative to more traditional deposit options. Simply purchase a pre-paid card, such as Ukash, from any gas station, chain store or grocery store with cash. Then once inside your online casino's banking software, choose the pre-paid card option, and enter the card number and PIN number given to you at point of purchase. You'll then be able to transfer funds into your casino account with the minimum of effort.

There are a number of other deposit options you can choose, such as bank wire and instant banking, but our experts have found these to be the most convenient and hassle-free for Canadian online casino players.

Top Withdrawal Tips for Canadian Online Casino Players

Withdrawing funds from your casino account isn't the long, tedious process that a lot of online casino players imagine it to be. Simply bear these tips in mind, and you'll be spending your winnings before you can say ka-ching!

  • 1. Most casinos prefer to return money in the way it was delivered, so if you made a deposit with your credit card, you can expect to have your winnings returned via credit card. Choosing a different option can cause delays, red tape, and some online casinos may not even allow it.
  • 2. Bear in mind that there is a standard 24-hour waiting period once you request a withdrawal - this is to allow for processing. Once this has passed, your withdrawal can take 1 to 2 days to reflect in your account, or 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the withdrawal option you have selected.
  • 3. The casino may need you to provide certain documentation before releasing the funds to you. This is for security purposes. While you may find this inconvenient, bear in mind that this procedure is in place for your protection, and is necessary to guard against any fraudulent activity on your account.

There is no way of telling which is the best deposit or withdrawal option for you to use - the only way to go about choosing the ideal method is to find the one that offers you the features that you want, at the lowest rates possible. Start by taking a look at our casino reviews for details on which are the most popular with Canadian online casino players, and choose the payment option that you believe is the safest bet!