The Best Legal Canadian Casino Sites

You're at your favourite Canadian online casino. You're betting your Canadian dollars, you're playing some, you're winning some. And then the thought suddenly strikes - is playing in an online casino as a Canadian legal? You've heard some stories about it being illegal in the USA - do those same laws apply to you too?

First things first - stop worrying. As an online Canadian online player, you're doing nothing illegal. There are no laws preventing you from gambling online, so you and your Canadian dollars are safe. Since the launch of online gaming in Canada, not one player has been prosecuted for gambling online, and you certainly won't be the first. So you can rest assured that your playing is completely legit. If you want to see for yourself, just take a look at our top online casino picks. Each one of them is totally legal, absolutely fair and entirely reputable, giving you the peace of mind you need to thoroughly enjoy your online gaming experience.

A Look at Canadian Online Gaming Laws

When it comes right down to it, online gambling is something of a grey area under Canadian law. While the Canadian government cannot offer licenses to online casinos within its borders, those that operate outside the country but cater to Canadian players are free from prosecution. Since the 1960s Canada has been against online gambling, preferring to leave the decision to allow casinos to operate up to the individual provinces themselves. With the exception of Quebec, which has specifically legalized online gambling, no other Canadian province has chosen to endorse online casino play - however this issue is still up for debate at a governmental level.

Lengthy legal discussion aside, however, the fact remains that no Canadian has ever been prosecuted or imprisoned for gambling online, and no-one ever will, until the grey legal area becomes either a black or white one. So visit your favourite legit online casino as often as you like, and rest assured that all your online game play and transactions are perfectly safe and legal.

How to find the Best Legal Online Casinos

Of course, before you find a Canadian casino online to lawfully play at, you'll first have to know which are safe and legal for you to sign up with. That's where comes in! Our experts have done extensive research on which Internet casinos are the best to play at in terms of being legal, licensed and reputable, and have brought you their findings in the form of our casino reviews. So if you're uncertain as to whether your online casino of choice is a safe bet, simply take a look at our casino reviews first, and go from there. Thanks to our in-depth research, you can be sure that no matter which recommended casino you choose to play it, you'll be playing it safe every time.

Canadian Online Casino Players - Place Your Bets!

So to recap - unlike the USA, Canadian provinces have the right to issue online gaming licenses as they please. While to date only Quebec has chosen to do so, more provinces may yet follow, and the issue of online gambling in Canada has yet to be resolved either way. What this means for you as a Canadian player is complete peace of mind. Provided that the online casino you choose to play at is a licensed, fair and reputable one, both you and your money are safe. The outcome of the decision regarding Canadian online gambling is still a long way off, so in the meantime, just sit down at your online legal casino of choice, place your bets, make your play and enjoy every winning moment!

*Please note that this article is not a legal document and in no way constitutes professional legal advice.